Introducing the Macadoodles Lee’s Summit Barrel Pick with Union Horse Distilling Co.

We have an exciting new Bourbon Whiskey available for our Macadoodles Lee’s Summit community, picked by us for you in partnership with Kansas City’s own Union Horse Distilling Co. This is the first Union Horse barrel pick made available for a retailer in Missouri in the last 5 years.

Macadoodles Lee's Summit whiskey with Union Horse Distilling Co

About the Macadoodles Union Horse Barrel Pick

We selected this barrel for the balance that it provides to novice and seasoned drinkers alike. This specific bourbon was aged just over five-years in Union Horse’s iconic 500-gallon, column, pot still – lovingly known as “Chester Copperpot” after one of their favorite 80’s movies, The Goonies). As in all Union Horse spirits, the Macadoodles pick was made using the finest quality Midwest grains.


Starts slightly fruity

Evolves to a subtle brown sugar maple


Mild spice cinnamon with a slight nuttyness at first with a warning on the 

Eventually fading to a brown sugar finish


Clean finish with subdued warming left behind.


This invites you to come back to search for more underlying notes and makes you wonder what else you will be discovering as you slowly sip to enjoy the nuanced flavors.

Visit our store to purchase your bottle. Supplies are limited from this one-of-a-kind barrel, so get yours soon!

Macadoodles Lee’s Summit

1499 SW Market St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

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