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Beers, especially craft and seasonal brews, are hotter than ever. For the past 13 years, the American Brewers Association has dedicated a full week to celebrating domestic craft brews.

One of the longest running state festivals, in Oregon, draws more than 70,000 fans. For many; however, it’s the classic standards they crave—straightforward and full of that tart hoppy flavor beer lovers desire. Whether it’s traditional favorites, imported beer or craft and seasonal brews, we stock them all at Macadoodles.

From game-day watch parties to fishing expeditions to weddings and seasonal celebrations, Macadoodles has a full selection of domestic and imported beers to meet your individual needs. No two customers are exactly alike. Helping you find the perfect beer to fit your taste preferences is what our staff loves more than anything. Customer satisfaction is the measure by which we judge success and we’re not happy unless you’re satisfied.

The sheer number of beer choices can seem daunting and new varieties arrive every week. Our staff is trained in the nuances each beer brings to the bar. Some have a strong, hoppy flavor, while other, newer craft and seasonal beers may be influenced by the brewing process or infusions of fruits, spices and other flavorings. We also sample and taste new beers before they’re added to any store, so we understand exactly how to guide you.

The Macadoodles Beer Room

The Macadoodles Beer Room is a sight to behold. It houses our domestic selections, as well as more than 600 varieties of craft and imported beers. We pride ourselves on the variety we provide and the ability of our craft-beer experts to help you navigate the world of beer. If you’re curious about expanding your horizons and trying something new, stop by our Tasting Bar where we offer at least 3 beers to sample on any given day. The flavor combinations are practically endless and we’re thrilled for our customers to be able to sample our offerings and provide the experts to educate and assist you in finding just the right beer.

If you’re planning a float trip, tailgate or watch party, or another special event, our craft-beer experts can help you plan for quantity, as well as variety. Macadoodles offers a selection of kegs featuring domestic, imported and craft beers—and even European Tapers. We do recommend you contact us as early as possible when planning an event to ensure everything’s available right when you need it. Beer should be the last thing to create stress when planning an event.

With the popularity of seasonal and craft brews, our staff can even help you plan a beer tasting event of your own. The different beers and flavor profiles are perfect conversation starters for guests. You’ll be the star of the party, backed with knowledge of the different beers you’re serving. Macadoodles also carries Spiegelau® glassware for those who prefer drinking from a glass.

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Macadoodles Lee's Summit Beer

Macadoodles Lee's Summit has the right brew for you. We offer a large selection of domestic (especially local Kansas City brews!), import, craft and non-alcoholic beers, and also provide kegs. Build your own 6-pack, or snag a chilly one from our coolers.

We offer curbside pickup, a convenient drive-thru, and in-store beer experts that can help you browse and sample our selection and find the right brew for whatever mood you're in.