May is the Month for Bubbles

The month of May, named for the Greek Goddess Maia, has always been associated with Spring, love, success and growth. With Mother’s Day, Graduations and Nurses Day right around the corner, there are reasons galore to celebrate each of those things. Rarely has there been a more perfect time to pop open one of the many sparkling wine and Champagne options available. With the current challenges going on due to the Carona virus, some days have made simply putting on pants or fixing a healthy meal a reason to celebrate. So be it. Macadoodles has a wide variety of sparkling wines to fit every occasion, no matter how significant or how small it may be. You may not have much of an opportunity to travel far from home right now, but the Italian Proseccos, Spanish Cavas, California Sparkling Wines and French Champagnes are a great way to celebrate all of the great things that are going to be happening in May, even though we might be celebrating just a little differently this year.

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