New Italian Wines Have Arrived

Piccini Brunello di Montalcino 2014

Concentrated and dense, with notes of dark plums, dried raspberry, tobacco and leather. The wine offers a bright garnet color with power and fine tannins on the finish. Pairs with Beef, Pasta with Tomato based sauces, Rich cheeses or on its own

Vialoni delle Venzie Pinot Grigio

Tasting notes pale yellow color. Vialoni signature characteristic of aniseed on the nose with subtle hints of green apple, pear and lemon. More Characteristic of pinot grigio this year with a good balance of acidity. Pairs well with pizza, Caesar salad, pasta alfredo, vegetable risotto, seafood or on its own with friends.

2018 Gavi di Gavi Bersano

2018 shows its signature straw yellow colorand its fresh, bittersweet taste. Fragrant nose showing, tones ofpineapple, apricot and peaches with a delightful finish that isamplified with a good seafood dish. Pairs with Smoked salmon, Veal, Pork, Paella, Sushi orchilling in the garden with friends over a BBQ.

Mantico Barbaresco Bersano

Menthol, dark berry, violet and cake spicearomas lead the way on this striking wine. It’s still young andnervous, with tight tannins, but it also shows black cherry, whitepepper, clove and mocha. Firm, velvety tannins and bright acidityprovide the backbone. Pairs with Risotto with wild mushrooms, gamey meats, Duck,Pasta with mean suaces. Dishes with white Alba Truffles.

2017 Secoli Amarone Della Valpolicella

Starting off with that atypical deep ruby red, a signature traitof Secoli Amarone. On the nose, exaggerated notes of plum, driedfruit more consistent with an Amarone that has rested longer. Riperthan the previous two vintages. In the mouth, you get straight to the flavor, blended with maraschino cherries, velvety soft almostchewy followed by a smooth lingering finish that goes on and on. Subtle as prior vintages so for those BIG Amarone lovers, 2017 is agame changer over prior years. Pairs with: Ribs, oxtail stew, Risotto (made with Amarone) redmeats, game, cheese.

Robert Cavalli Tenuta Degli Dei

To quote James Suckling; Creme de cassis, freshly pickedblueberries, crushed violets, hot stones, dried sage and thyme, charcoal, and bark.Full body tightly worked tannins and a long yet tight finish. The palate shows realtransparency and a sense of minerality in addition to the stellar depth you wouldexpect. Pairs with Steak, BBQ, on its own or with rich cheeses

Secondo Tempo Valdadige Pinot Grigio

Tasting notes straw yellow in color, as you approachthere are notes of anise, green apples, ripe pears. Noticeablysofter than the prior vintage, subtle citrussy tones with anaftertaste that brings back the anise and pear you find in thenose. Long lasting finish that seems to go on forever Pairs with White Meats, Salads, pasta alfredo Chinese foodor on its own.

Secoli Valdobbiadene Prosecco

Fresh and Fruity that is balanced and has notes of a number of fresh fruits. Notes of apricot, pear with a flowery nose and a buttery finish. Pairs with almost everything such as appetizers and delicate fish, white meats salads or on its own.

Amano Prosecco

Pleasant straw yellow color, subtle bubbles with notes of peach, granny smith apples with tones of lime that softens to a delicate finish. Pairs well with appetizers, Chinese food, seafood, white meats, Caesar salad, light cheeses like provolone, mozzarella, mild cheddar.

2016 Barbera Generala Nizza Riserva Bersano

Color is characteristic of Generala but richer, more vibrant. Fruit-driven nose with dark plum, blackberries and prune. Soft and balanced with a fruit forward finish. Pairs well with Roast beer, rich cheeses and mushroom risotto.

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