Nobody Does St. Patrick’s Day Like Macadoodles!

This Week’s Specials

*Prices good for a limited time. Tax not included.  
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Basil Hayden Kentucky bourbon, 750 ml – $32.98 (save $11.00)

SKYY vodka, 1.75L – $19.98
Jameson Irish whiskey, 750ml – $22.98
TX Texas Straight bourbon, 750ml – $33.98 (save $12)
Wild Turkey 101 whiskey, 1.75L – $39.98
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, 750ml – $19.98
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, 1.75L – $39.98
Weston Sun vodka, 1.75L – $14.98 (save $5.00)
Maker’s Mark, 1.75L – $47.98
Maker’s Mark, 750 ml – $23.98
TX Blended whiskey, 750ml – $25.98 (save $12)  

Clos du Bois chardonnay- $5.98
J. Lohr cabernet- $14.96
Anne Amie dry riesling- $10.42 (save $10)
Butter chardonnay- $14.98
H3 cabernet- $9.98
Seaglass sauvignon blanc- $7.98337 cabernet- $9.98
Parducci chardonnay- $10.98
Chateau St Michelle riesling- $6.98
Mason sauvignon blanc- $10.98 (save $6)    

Meiomi Chardonnay – $11.98 Layers of pineapplem ripe stonefruit and lemon peel. Pair this with grilled chicken breast and corn on the cob. 
Check out our selection of wines priced at 50% off Take an additional 10% off these prices when you buy at least six bottles of wine any day of the week. Take 15% off on Tuesdays! 

Check out our selections from the top 25 cigars of the year! 
1. Aging Room Quattro – $11.98 a stick, 96 pts!
8. Olivia V series Churchill – $16.33 a stick, 95 pts!
9. Rocky Patel Number 6 – $10.38 a stick, 95 pts!
12. Ashton VSG – $19.92 a stick, 94 pts!
15. La Aroma de Cuba – $10.32 a stick, 94 pts!
19. Placencia Cosecha 146 – $14.98 a stick, 93 pts!


St. Paddy’s Day Special – March 17 10% off any bottle, can or box of wine and any wine accessory! ALL DAY LONG!


The Macadoodles Party Trailer is pulling through!

Macadoodles is ready to bring the party to you with the Macadoodles Party Trailer! Order from our wide variety of wine, beer and spirits, book the party trailer, and Macadoodles will take over the rest! Macadoodles truly delivers!


Strawberry and Orange Spritz

30 ml of citrus vodka 
1/4 tsp rosewater
100 ml dry prosecco
Pared orange zest, to garnish
200 grams strawberries, thinly sliced 
200 grams caster sugar
200 ml white wine vinegar1
1/2 tsp finely grated orange zest 

To create the strawberry and orange syrup, place the strawberries and sugar in a bowl, and toss to combine. Cover and refrigerate for 2 days, stirring the mixture once a day. Add vinegar and orange zest, then return to the fridge for 1 week. Strain and refrigerate until ready to use.

To make the spritz, combine the vodka, rosewater and prosecco in a wine glass filled with ice. Add 15ml strawberry and orange syrup, and stir. Twist orange zest to release oils and add to cocktail to garnish.

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