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Tequila vs Mezcal – What’s the Difference?

What’s the Difference? Tequila is a type of mezcal, like scotch and bourbon are types of whiskey.   Mezcal is defined as any agave-based liquor, which includes tequila. FactorTequilaMezcalRaw Material – Agave.  Both tequila and mezcal are made from the harvested core of the agave plant, …

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What is Bottled-in-Bond?

Bottled In Bond is a term that came about due to The Bottled-In-Bond Act of 1897. In the mid 1800’s the whiskey market was booming, and distilleries couldn’t produce enough for America’s consumption. Thus, many companies sought to capitalize on…

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Many Different Shades of Rosé Wine

What is Rosé Wine? When a wine isn’t quite red, it’s rosé. Technically speaking, this pinkish beverage is produced differently than red wine but with the same grapes. For example, White Zinfandel is produced with the same grapes as Red Zinfandel…

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The best of northwest arkansas banner

Macadodles Voted Best Liquor Store and Best Wine Selection

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13 Sake Health Benefits

Is Sake healthy? Is Sake good for you? Yes, there are a number of Sake health benefits. But we’ve realized few websites or books teach Sake health benefits with enough credibility – only a few of them are scientifically proved or backed up by…

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The Fascinating Reason Alcoholic Strength Is Called “Proof”

July 12, 2017 – By Dan Myers What is being proven, exactly? One of the first things taught in Drinking Alcohol 101 is the definition of the term “proof”: In the U.S., it’s the percentage of alcohol, times two. For example, if…

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‘Peaky Blinders’ Whiskey “Prohibition Recipe” Coming Soon?

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8 Benefits of Drinking Red Wine and How Much You Should Drink

8 Secret Benefits of Drinking Red Wine By Kate Miller-WilsonFine Dining WaitressReviewed by Terri Forehand RN Since the early 1990s, the news media has been full of reports about the health benefits of red wine. However, it can be difficult for wine…

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10 Reasons Why Guinness is Good for You

10 Reasons Why Guinness is Good for You

Spinach, kale, avocado, Guinness—A few of our favorite health foods. OK maybe we’re using the word “health food” a little freely, but we do have proof that it’s good for you (just like the old advertising slogan says). So this…

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Poster of Wine Down Wednesday Program

Introducing Wine-Down Wednesday

Our new Wine-Down Wednesday program is in effect! Every Wednesday every bottle of wine, whether it’s on sale or not, is 15% off. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts such as the Loyalty Program.

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JR’s Drinks

Bulleit Bourbon Smash Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz. Bulliet Bourbon 1/2 oz. Lemon Juice 3-4 Maraschino Cherries Steps: 1.) In a highball glass, smash cherries and muddle lemon juice. 2.) Fill the rest of the glass with ice. 3.) Top off…

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The New Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey

New Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey

Just in! We have Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey. Pabst has been quietly working on the production of Blue Ribbon whiskey with craft distilling partners at New Holland Grand Rapids. The result of this grand experiment is a clear spirit utilizing…

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New Italian Wine Bottles on the display

New Italian Wines Have Arrived

Piccini Brunello di Montalcino 2014 Concentrated and dense, with notes of dark plums, dried raspberry, tobacco and leather. The wine offers a bright garnet color with power and fine tannins on the finish. Pairs with Beef, Pasta with Tomato based…

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New French Wine Bottles On the display

New French Wines have arrived in our wine cellar

Henri de Richemer Wines 2019 Richemer Cotes de Thau Piquepoul -In the heart of the Languedoc, bordering the Thau Basin and the Mediterranean Sea, Les Caves Richemer resulted from the merger of the Agde and Marseillan (Hérault) cooperative wine cellars.…

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French Wines Collection In The Wine Cellar

French Wines Are Back!

Le Jardin d’Eolie Pinot Noir $7.24 Rich and fruity, aromas of juicy red plum, raspberry, strawberry and a touch of vanilla. The palate is lightly plush and velvety, with flavors of muddled cherry and raspberry that carry through to the…

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The Bourbons Range On The Shelf

Bourbons $25.00-$44.00 Range

As a lot of you know a lot of Bourbons have been allocated. We have selected a few tasty Bourbon’s that are all under $44.00. Items under $40.00 We have a special shelf in front of the tasting bar with…

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The Macadoodles Mac Stout Beers

Macadoodles Mac Stout Beer

Today we received a shipment of Macadoodles Mac Stout 5.4% ABV. Come grab your 6 Pack for only $7.38.

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Special Edition Jack Daniels Eric Church Single Barrel Select

Today we received a special and rare shipment in. The Jack Daniel Distillery has released a special limited-edition Eric Church Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey in celebration of its long-time friendship with the country music superstar. We only have a limited…

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Tired of paying for pre-paid gas cards all the time? No need for that at Macadoodles.

No pre-pay required. Save and pay as you go! Save 5¢ off at the pump every single time without pre-paying for anything! Fuel Rewards members get Instant Gold Status and get rewarded for every fill at Shell. Join the Fuel Rewards program…

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Frost Buddy Slim and Universal

We have a few new items to fit all your needs for any occasion . We have the Universal Buddy and the Frost Buddy Slim Can Coolers. These items are perfect for drinking at the beach, the lake, camping, or…

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Foursquare Nobiliary 14 Year Single Blended Rum

We would like to feature a new tasty spirit that just arrived at our store. We have a limited amount of Foursquare Nobiliary 14 Year Single Blended Rum. Nobiliary is the 12th limited-edition release in the exceptional cask selection series…

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The Macadoodles Daily Wine Specials

Daily Wine Specials

Create or Update your Profile to receive information on our Wine Specials. Make sure you indicate you’d like information about “Wine”! Check out Facebook or Instagram too. Also Friday- Sunday we still have our normal weekend wine specials.

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The Macadoodles Daily Whiskey Specials

Daily Whiskey Specials

For the next few weeks we will offer 10 special bottles each day at a spectacular price. Create or Update your Profile and select “Spirits Promotions” to receive information by email. These special bottles are located at our store-front. We…

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Curbside pickup banner on the display

Announcing Curbside Pickup

To facilitate social distancing while fulfilling our customers’ needs Macadoodles is introducing curbside pickup beginning Friday April 3, 2020. (Please note that we have been thoroughly sanitizing our entire store and contents since early March: Curbside Pickup Hours: 11:00AM-7:00PM To…

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Macadoodles Health Protection Disinfecting

Health Protection Disinfecting

We understand recent events cause concern and an increased awareness regarding the transmission of illnesses.  We want all of our valued customers to know the degree of precaution we are taking in our store.  Macadoodles has implemented a disinfecting program…

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Our team enjoys watching our customers save money and we are constantly seeking ways to pass savings onto our valued customers. We are excited to announce rebate bottles on hot name brand items are back in stock! This is a…

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A man and a woman holding wine glasses

The Perfect Pair

Chicken Parmesan with Chianti Chianti has great acidity, enough tannin for character, and a smoky finish that makes it perfect for pairing with Italian dishes. Next meal makes chicken parmesan and serve your guests a glass of Chianti. This red…

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Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon

So, What is the Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon?

Did you know all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon? There are a strict set of standards from the government which regulates what is what. Whiskey is distilled from a fermented blend of grains, commonly corn, rye,…

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Blanc De Bleu Cuvee Mousseux Wine

Blanc De Bleu Cuvee Mousseux

Are you feeling blue? Blanc de Bleu is a quality California sparkling wine with an added hint of blueberries. Delicate, dry and crisp, it is the perfect accompaniment for all of your unforgettable moments with family and friends. A beautiful…

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Three Women Holding Wine Glasses

Creating a Signature Drink

If you are looking for a creative way to control costs and personalize an event, creating a signature drink or two is the way to go! But where do you start? Here are some tips to help you create the…

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Three People Ready to Drink Shots

The Beginner’s Guide to Liquor

The world of liquor can be extremely confusing for novices. If you’ve ever felt confused about the different types of liquor, you’re not alone. Between determining the difference between whiskey and whisky and learning that scotch and bourbon are not…

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Macadoodles A Party on Wheels The Bar Cart

A Party on Wheels – the bar cart!

The bar cart has had a resurgence of popularity over the last several years and the trend is not going away!  It’s not only stylish but can be a great option for decorating and entertaining on a budget – or…

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