Alex has worked at Macadoodles as the Wine Manager since 2018. He was previously a server for just under 4 years at local fine dining restaurant, Ocean Zen. This was Alex’s introduction to wine, which helped him begin to understand different wine flavors, and how to pair them with the right meal. Alex first came to Macadoodles’ wine room as a patron, and after many visits, wanted to try his hand in the wine selling business. In his first 6 months working at Macadoodles, Alex quadrupled his knowledge of wine. In other words, he drank a lot of wine. 

Alex is currently studying to become a Certified Specialist of Wine. This has helped to expose him to the deep well of history and knowledge the wine world has to offer. 

Current: Top Pick: Gogi’s Ancient Wine

Orange wine from the country Georgia, the cradle of ancient winemaking that traces its history back to 6,000 B.C. Gogi’s Wine is a blend of 3 white grapes, with 6 months of grape ‘skin-contact.’ Aromas of chamomile, autumn leaves, orange peel, pomegranate, and turmeric will leave you in a trance.  

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