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Barrelpalooza – Only at Macadoodles!

Barrelpalooza is an Ongoing and Ever-Changing Event at Macadoodles South Springfield! It is our way of introducing unique Single Barrel Picks of big name whiskies such as Elijah Craig, Buffalo… Read More

Macadoodles Bar Menu

Updated: 4/15/22 — Beers on Tap — – 1 – 4 Hands – Rockmelon – 6.5% ABV Our brewers fused the bright tropical flavors and aromas of pear, watermelon and… Read More

June 4th is Cognac Day! – What is Cognac?

Happy Cognac Day!  A well known variety of brandy, and named after the town in France in which it’s produced, Cognac is primarily made from Ugni Blanc grapes, twice distilled… Read More

Wine By the Glass

A New List of Wines at the beginning of each month! Updated: 07/01/21 Shannon Ridge – Cabernet Sauvignon — $5 Zolo Signature White — $4 Atlantique Rosé — $4 Sean… Read More

Wedding Services with The Traveling Tin Co!

There’s light at the end of the tunnel! Big Events and Big Celebrations may soon be a normal part of everyday life once again! If you’ve got an event, or… Read More

Absolut Watermelon!

Spring is doing its thing! Prepare for the warm weather on the way with New Absolut Watermelon! Without a doubt, a new summer favorite, Absolut Watermelon brings rich and refreshing… Read More

Woodford Reserve – Kentucky Derby 147

Woodford Reserve honors the “Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports,” with the release of its 2021 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Bottle! Woodford Reserve Distillery is one of the few places in… Read More

Canned Cocktails are Taking Over!

Half of our Vodka Aisle (or what used to be our Vodka Aisle) is now devoted solely to Canned Cocktails! As more big companies in the industry catch on to… Read More

Red Electra Moscato – Now in Cans!

Been having trouble finding your Red Electra recently? Macadoodles South Springfield has what you need!! 😍 We’ve got more Red Electra Moscato Cans than any one person would know what… Read More

Join the Macadoodles Newsletter!

With Spring right around the corner, the Macadoodles Newsletter will be back in full swing with weekly updates sent right to your inbox! Each week we feature exciting new products,… Read More

Celebrate National Kahlua Day! – Feb. 27th

Happy National Kahlua Day! Today we recognize the rich, creamy coffee-flavored-rum-based liqueur that makes for great alcoholic beverages and delicious desserts!  To celebrate, you may want to use Kahlua to… Read More

Find Your Low Calorie Options at Macadoodles!

Already counting the calories for the upcoming weekend? Now you can find your low calorie options at Macadoodles South Springfield! Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz may be able to ease… Read More

8-Ball Chocolate Whiskey

Introducing 8-Ball Chocolate Whiskey! From the makers of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, 8-Ball is an American whiskey with a rich chocolate flavor, toasted notes of oak, and brown sugar. Use… Read More

INDOGGO Gin by Snoop Dogg – Now at Macadoodles

New INDOGGO GIN! From who other than the King of ‘Gin and Juice’? His next endeavor into the world of alcohol, INDOGGO is a Strawberry flavored Gin, 5x Distilled with… Read More

Top 6 Wine Exclusives

Wines that you won’t find at any other Grocery or Liquor Store around!   1) Bellamico Moscato & Rosso Italia $9.98 Two of our most requested wines. Both delicious, fruity,… Read More

Come Thru the Drive-Thru!

Quick & Easy Macadoodles Drive-thru is the perfect way to get all of your beer, wine, and spirits needs without ever leaving your car! We are all in the midst… Read More

6 Tips for Creating a Signature Drink

If you are looking for a creative way to control costs and personalize an event, creating a signature drink or two is the way to go!  But where do you… Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Spirits

The world of spirits can be extremely confusing for novices. If you’ve ever felt confused about the different types of liquor, you’re not alone. Between determining the difference between cognac… Read More

A Party on Wheels – The Bar Cart!

The Bar Cart has had a resurgence of popularity over the last several years and the trend is not going away!  Not only is it stylish, but can be a… Read More

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