Peach Whiskey Season

Just One of Those Things…

Always a big seasonal hit,

Crown Royal Peach is back in stock! 

We find that when something gets as big as Crown Peach, it tends to overshadow the rest of the market, not that we can blame it. To create this delicious blend, Crown Royal whiskies are carefully selected and infused with the juicy flavor of fresh Georgia peaches. The result is a vibrant whisky, bursting with peach flavors and the distinctive smoothness of Crown Royal. Peach whiskey lovers will go home with their heads hanging when they find out there is no more Crown Royal on the shelves, but we are here to tell you:


Just to name a few, Dr. McGillicuddys, Ole Smokey Tennessee Whiskey, Bird Dog, Jim Beam, and Evan Williams are all solid Peach Whiskey alternatives to the big name at the top of the list. Delicious Peach flavors that can be enjoyed simply on the rocks, or with a splash of Sweet or Iced-Tea.

Now, we aren’t trying to pull Crown Royal down from its Peach Throne, but we do think it is good practice to explore other options that you may love just as much, or even more! The next time you are ready to go home empty handed after looking for that Special Spirit that you are so accustomed to, take another look around. You may just find your new favorite.

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