Top 5 Affordable Wines!


Our Picks –

Here’s our list of the Top 5 Affordable Wines that we believe EVERYONE should know about!

Our Resident Wine Expert, Alex Koeneman, helped us pick out some of his favorite True Value Wines that are a steal at the current price!

1) Wines of Substance Ch – Chardonnay – $15.98 –

The most expensive wine on our list, topping out at an outrageously reasonable 16 dollars. 

Wines of Substance Chardonnay is a crisp Washington State Chardonnay with just a touch of oak and butter. 

Rich, focused and compelling. The aromatics of peach, orange zest, and pear lift the wine. Creamy lemon curd, brioche and minerality consume the palate. Broad, long and delicious as the finish sails on and on and on.

2) Elizabeth Spencer – Rosé of Grenache – $14.98 – 

A delicate and refreshing wine with enough structure to earn itself a seat at your table year round!

Intense and fruity rosé with just enough tartness to keep it refreshing. Whole cluster pressed and crafted with purpose from the outset, our Rosė of Grenache shows rosy-lilac in the glass, with an abundance of lush florals on the nose.

The palate offers notes of tart bing cherries, ripe raspberries, wild strawberries, and earthy bergamot.

3)  Sand Point – Pinot Noir – $12.98 –

A soft, juicy pinot with just enough of that oak to impart subtle vanilla and caramel. 

An immediately approachable wine, offering aromas and flavors of dense ripe strawberry and cherry cola. With French and American Oak aging, there is a hint of soft spice that melds into the opening notes, creating a smooth and balanced wine that is easy to enjoy.

4) Leese-Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon – $9.98 – 

We dare you to find a better Cab for 10 bucks. 

This California Cabernet exudes deep blackberry notes with toffee, dark cherry, Dutch cocoa, tea leaf, and fig compote. On the finish, there are rich tannins, caramel oak notes, toasted coconut, and black raspberry with mouthwatering acidity.

A bold red that you will be back for again and again!

5) Charles and Charles – Red Blend – $11.98 –

This delectable red wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah (Wine Expert Alex’s favorite grape). Made by Charles Smith out of Washington State. Fruity, earthy, delicious. 

Deep, dark purple with a strawberry red outer ring. The nose is plum, black currant, dark chocolate and lilacs. A plush, velvety smooth mouthfeel, the flavors of the wine coat your mouth. The dark fruit and chocolate of the Cabernet Sauvignon dominates the taste upfront.

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