Spirits Expert: Bryan

Bryan is the leader of the Macadoodles N. Springfield store. He is the area manager and store manager. He has worked for Macadoodles for over three years and has a lot of passion for the industry. Bryan is a graduate of Missouri State University’s Hospitality Management program.

Bryan is affectionately called The Captain by his team and enjoys many hobbies, including boating. He is also very active in the Shriners International Organization.

Bryan is a spirits enthusiast. There isn’t a spirit that he hasn’t appreciated in one way or another. When asked what his favorite is he can never decide. He always states that it depends on the weather, alignment of the sun and planets and which way the wind is blowing.

Basically, we think he loves them all. Last we caught him sipping a martini made with Stoli Elite.

Bryan also has a love for Stagg beer. But that’s another story…

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