The Perfect Pair

Chicken Parmesan with Chianti

Chianti has great acidity, enough tannin for character, and a smoky finish that makes it perfect for pairing with Italian dishes. Next meal makes chicken parmesan and serve your guests a glass of Chianti. This red blend has flavors that pair well with the acidity of tomatoes.

Steak and Cabernet

This may be an obvious choice for an avid wine drinker. However, steak paired with a Cabernet is admired for a reason. Whether you like a sirloin, filet or ribeye, Cabernets bold tannins and fruity flavor complement your steak dinner every time.

Barbecue Ribs and Malbec

Malbec wine can hold its own against the exciting flavors of tangy and spicy barbecue sauce. Malbec does extremely well with funky flavors. Buy a bottle from Macadoodles and get ready to wow your guest at your next summer cookout.

Salmon and Pinot Noir

We can’t think of anything better than cooking a delicious filet of wild-caught salmon. However, the only thing better than salmon is having a Pinot Noir to take your meal to the next level. Pinot Noir is the world’s most popular light-bodied red wine and it’s long, smooth finish which is appreciated by those who don’t care for overly tannic wine.

Roasted Duck and Merlot

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when you bring out the roasted duck and have a Merlot wine sitting next to it. The easy tannins and soft finish of this varietal make it the ideal pairing for the meat.

Lamb Chops and Bordeaux

The bold flavor of Bordeaux pairs well with gamey meat, and the fattiness of the meal will help cut through the wine’s tannins. There are so many wonderful ways to prepare lamb, but pulling out a bottle of Bordeaux will seal the deal.

Goat Cheese Rosemary Crackers and Sauvignon Blanc

If you don’t want a heavy meal for your guest, goat cheese appetizers are a wonderful option. Although, the hit of the party will be the deliciously dry and fruity bottle of Sauvignon Blanc you have uncorked to go with it!

Fish Tacos with Pinot Grigio

White fish recipes and Pinot Grigio wine are a match made in heaven. There’s something about Pinot Grigios zesty fun flavor that makes seafood taste even more flavorful.

Chicken Pot Pie with Dry Sparkling Wine

Snuggle in for a cozy, comforting dinner. If you bake up a mouthwatering chicken pot pie and serve it with a dry sparkling wine— you will have your new favorite pair. A brut Champagne is a perfect choice and while many people only pop a bubbly for celebrations, its acidity makes it great for food pairings as well.

Apple Pie with Sweet Riesling

Treats need wine pairings too! An apple tart or warm apple pie pair especially well with the refreshing, light-bodied taste of a sweet Riesling. Oh, might as well add a scoop of ice cream and caramel as well!

Vanilla Cake and Moscato d’Asti

A birthday needs more than cake to celebrate. Moscato d’Asti is a sweet, lightly sparkling white wine that makes for an extraordinary dessert pairing. Especially vanilla cake! If you choose a chocolate cake, serve Moscato rosa. Bring out the bottles and cake because it’s time to celebrate!

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